Welcoming Guidance for Transitions

Help unraveling the experiences of death, transition, and loss
through education, guidance, and support

About Rev Maggie Yenoki

Rev Maggie Burbank Yenoki is an Interfaith Minister, serving as a compassionate guide, spiritual caregiver, & empowering teacher to the dying and their loved ones.

Her years of experience in end-of-life ministry support her passion to provide care and guidance in times of loss and transition
with time-honored ways of caring for our beloved ones in their
dying time and in their after-death care. 


Rev Maggie relocated to Southern California from Syracuse, NY after receiving her Master of Divinity degree from Drew Theological School in Madison, NJ.  

She has completed 1600 hours of ACPE HealthCare Chaplaincy training in hospitals on both the East Coast and here in Southern California. She has accomplished intensive study of The Art of Death Midwifery through Sacred Crossings in Los Angeles, and has found great purpose and meaning in her call to End-of-Life Ministry.



Holding brave conversations about all aspects of diagnosis, dying, and death in circle settings with groups or privately


End of Life Death Midwife care that supports the choices of the dying and their loved ones 


Sustaining advice and advocacy in times of transition at end-of-life




Circle with us as together, we create brave space for in-depth conversation on many end-of-life topics. Contact Maggie or follow Opening Deaths Door on FaceBook at the link below:

Death Discussions

Death Café Pasadena has become a favorite spot for many who seek to set the harsh brightness of life aside, and enter the calming and comforting dark spaces where Death can be a sacred companion for us... a brave circle where we can find our way again. Learn more here... 

Death Café

Curious about how you might arrange to honor the earth upon your death? These workshops will 'dig deep' into the green burial movement. Find out more by contacting Maggie by clicking the button: 

Home Funerals & Green Burial Workshops





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